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  • Strengths
    • Clear focus on delineated governance and management activities
    • Respected, committed, highly experienced membership
    • Support from HQ
    • Open, transparent, and responsive
    • Proactive
  • Weaknesses
    • Limited time
    • Limited control over resources
    • Inconsistent support from Board and Working Groups
    • Organizational complexity
    • Inconsistent product quality
  • Opportunities
    • Business Architecture Model development offers improved Governance and Management to match existing Methodology strengths
    • Transnational/regional programs can increase worldwide uptake
    • Clearly designate our product line and product identification
    • Emergence of new and contemporary technology including FHIR and semantic web ontologies
    • Respond to new opportunities for increasing membership
    • Increase participation through simplification
    • Revising Working Group structure to become more efficient and attract more participants
  • Threats
    • Danger of creating overheads without visible return
    • Lack of confidence in standards management may cause stakeholders to create their own healthcare standards
    • Keeping up with increased uptake of our standards (e.g. FHIR)
    • Lack of adequate governance, management, curation and support processes to manage our standards and the resulting profiles that are created
    • Lack of well-defined conformance and profiling methodologies for our standards
    • Lack of HL7 Strategic Plan

Approved by TSC 2016-01-14

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