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Ajulian aka Anthony (Tony) Julian is a Technical Specialist employed by the Mayo Clinic.

Health Level Seven (HL7) Committee memberships

  • Co-Chair Foundation and Technology Steering Division
  • Co-chair Infrastructure and Messaging (InM) Technical Committee.
  • Secretary Architectural review Board(ArB).
  • Publishing Facilitator


  • Editor HL7 Version 2
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 2A Transferred to Sandy Stuart
    • Chapter 2c Transferred to Sandy Stuart
    • Chapter 5 Transferred to Pete Gilbert
    • Chapter 8 Transfered to Scott Robertson
    • Chapter 9 Transfered to Pete Gilbert
    • Chapter 14
  • Editor HL7 Version 3
    • ATS assumed August 2011
    • MLLP Transfered to ITS WG
    • Transport Wrappers
      • MCCI Primary
    • Shared Messages
      • MCAI
      • QUQI
      • MFMI


     Anthony Julian
     Mayo Clinic
     100 Second Street Sw.
     Rochester, MN 55905

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